O que é educação corporativa?

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delivered: elearning course

client: Banco do Brasil

date: February 2019

about: The course explain the concept of corporate education to the employees of the Banco do Brasil. It serves as an introduction to the courses of the corporate university of the Banco do Brasil company.


Several resources were used to guarantee the dynamism of the learning process:
■ Fast access menu;
■ Navigation buttons;
■ Summary showing the subjects covered;
■ Online help resources;
■ Animations, quizzes, interactions, videos and pictures.

■ The challenge in the production of this elearning course was to convert the content (several texts about corporate education and the corporate university of the Banco do Brasil company) into a dynamic, interactive course able to hold the user's attention and interest.


 ■ Quizzes and tests were added to test the comprehension of the student. In this case, the student must answer if the information above is right or wrong.

Some videos were added to complement the information presented throughout the course.


■ The language is clear and objective, appropriate to the target audience and to the context.

■ In this quiz, the user should select the right answer. Several practical exercises, and self-analytical tests were added to the course to test the students' learning of the content presented.


 ■ The information was dosed to not overwhelm the student. Images related to the information presented were used to illustrate the concepts aborded.

■ It was given special attention to the white space of the screen, organizing the information in an even and balanced way.