RDC - Recibo de Crédito Cooperativo

MacBook scroll effect

delivered: elearning course

client: Sicoob Confederação

date: January 2020

about: This course aims to teach the concepts behind the Cooperative Credit Receipt. The training is presented in a single page, in which the content need to be unlocked sequentially by doing some activities (clicking in some buttons, watching videos etc.).


The course presents:
■ Several topics covering the subject.
■ Charts, illustrations and photos.
■ Buttons which show additional content when clicked.

■ The language used is informal, like a chat between a specialist in the field and a new employee.


■ There are some buttons which open modal windows with complementar content...

■ ... like this one, which shows a formula to calculate the real profitability of an investment. To show the mathematical formula, I used an javascript library similar to LaTeX.


■ Were used plenty of icons representing the topics covered in some situations. The icons, in this case, are from the font and icon toolkit Font Awesome.

■ After the user goes through all the content, a button is released. The user should click in this button to register his learning and to communicate to the LMS that the course was concluded.

■ The button is only shown after the user access every clickable item in the course.